FIFA is Blatter’s Property, So Goodbye to Rotation, Rotation, Rotation


Sepp Blatter has confirmed what every football federation outside Europe has long feared. The FIFA President’s short-lived plan for the ‘Football Family’ (as FIFA insists on calling itself) to rotate the hosting, and revenues, of World Cups between different continents is already dead.

Like real families, the Football Family has some dirty little secrets. In danger of losing his 2002 reelection bid, Blatter dipped into FIFA funds to travel the world and promise the have-nots of football that they, too, could share in the riches of the World Cup. Thus Blatter’s Rotation Policy was born. His reelection was assured. That was back in the Paleozoic era of sports marketing. At the last World Cup, Blatter’s marketing and sponsorship teams raked in a staggering 2.6 billion euros. Taking the World Cup out of Europe would put that goldmine at serious risk. So with FIFA firmly under his control, Blatter is now going back on his promise.

The English media are already delighted. Not surprising, as Blatter is giving plenty of exclusive interviews to say that ‘’the motherland’’ of football should stage the 2018 World Cup — a competition earmarked for North or Central America under his own Rotation Policy.


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